It may seem like everyone is happily taken. The gigantic, white weddings, colorful gender reveals, and enormous, brilliant engagement rings can read like a romantic comedy that we aren’t even a supporting character in.

I know people in those exact situations. Some are genuinely happy with their lives. However, plenty…

“Have you ever tried to build a bomb?” the petite, female FBI agent looked at me with a steely gaze. I glanced to make sure my next door neighbor wasn’t outside.

“I have to make sure one of the neighbors isn’t outside gossiping with one of her sisters in Urdu. I never know what they’re saying but, damn, it’s juicy,” I replied.

I could tell that the coast was clear.

“No, I can barely put together the planter that I pulled…

When it comes to dating, it’s always better to take a more laid back approach where your energy is more “being” than “doing”. While you should be putting yourself out there to meet people, you shouldn’t have to put forth that much effort to meet the right person.

I used…

Most people I know- especially men- may act like they like it if a woman heavily pursues them. However, they are usually turned off. While I know of one couple where the woman marched up to her current husband and introduced herself, this is not a common occurrence. With that…

You became ash today

I never got to say goodbye

Was the courtesy of a text too much to ask for?

I allowed myself to cry today

To put out the flames

I would give anything to take your pain away

A tattoo is all I have left of you

The air to my fire

That was extinguished within me.

Where was God?

Why didn’t he protect you?

Is God even to blame for the choice you made?

No phoenix ever rose-

Perfectly healthy young men aren’t supposed to die

Especially by their own hand

You were loved today

The way I loved you every day

Even if I never understand your choice.

You leave me yearning for simpler times-

I have no best friend

You took that away from me.

I feel selfish

I miss you so much

As I watch you become ash today.

Valentine’s Day

The day of love

Now, just a day that I would rather forget

It wasn’t the end of the world

Until you ended your world that day

Did you think-

What about me?

I wish I could- it’s another day I would rather forget.

I’m so scared that…

Cait Morrigan

Yoda of Dating Advice. Roaming Gnome. Writer. Follow me on here & links in bio

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