Unpopular Opinion: The Elderly Shouldn’t Be the First To Get a COVID Vaccine

Like most of you, I am thrilled to hear that there are multiple promising vaccines. I am equally thrilled that the United Kingdom has announced that they will be able to start vaccinating in the very near future. However, I don’t agree with how governments are planning to distributing them.

I’m fully aware that I sound like a terrible person. It’s understandable if you feel that way. But, hear me out. While I am not a trained medical professional, I have every right to have an opinion. I will also mention that this is not one of those “let the old people die” statements. Ironically, I tend to prefer old people to most of my fellow millennials. As a millennial, I find most of my fellow millennials frustrating to deal with. I will also admit that I could be fully wrong and may stand corrected.

For those of us who remember the heartbreaking Fukushima disaster, you will remember that many elderly people volunteered to clean up. While this is admirable, many felt that it was a suicide mission. However, their rationale makes sense. Many of them witnessed the Chernobyl Disaster and probably saw the lives that were taken before their time. You can read more about it here.

While loss is hard anyone regardless of age, I feel that it’s more tragic when the death is of a younger person. When a young person dies, you wonder “what if?”. You wonder if they would have had a family, what impact they would have made and how their life would have turned out. When an old person dies, it’s sad but, the sentiment is that they usually got to live a great life.

I personally feel that essential workers who have to work away from home on a regular basis who are at risk for the Coronavirus should be first in line, along with anyone who is at a high risk or in the same household as someone with a high risk. After that they should stagger who gets vaccinations by age. For example, people over the age of ninety could be the first group. Then, the groups could go as follows by age: 0–10, 80–89, 11–20, 70–79, 21–30, 60–69, 31–40, 50–59, and 41–49.

In my opinion, this is a better and a more fair, equitable system. While the elderly are most at risks for complications, younger people are probably more likely to spread it to the elderly. It should also go without saying that everyone should have access to a vaccine regardless of other circumstances.

While I am not elderly, I would gladly let someone else take my spot to get a vaccine earlier if I was. While I’m sure there is enough to go around, I would want someone who had to work and be out in the world to be able to safely provide for their families. While I am fortunate and incredibly grateful that I can work from home, many people can’t and they happen to be fellow young people.

On top of that, the elderly tend to have pensions, health benefits that aren’t even available anymore, and other benefits that don’t exist anymore. While this isn’t the case for all of them, this is a pattern for many that I know. Don’t get me wrong- they have earned it and are entitled to it. I also think that it’s great that people are living longer and feel that the elderly should be able to have an excellent quality of life. I won’t even get into Social Security- something my generation probably won’t see.

Regardless of what the government decides to do, I will gladly be the first in line when my time comes to get the COVID vaccine.




Author. Disgraced Ex Hot Teacher. Roaming Gnome. Overly Opinionated Content Creator. Follow me on here & caitmorrigan.com

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Cait Morrigan

Cait Morrigan

Author. Disgraced Ex Hot Teacher. Roaming Gnome. Overly Opinionated Content Creator. Follow me on here & caitmorrigan.com

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